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​Are you always on the lookout for the nearest bathroom??? 

Here at Get Functional we have

the answers and tools you

need to feel your best!

Stomach Ache

With us you will uncover how

your Gut is

secretly plotting your next skin rash! 

​Did you know your Gut could be the main cause behind your thyroid’s ups and downs?

Gut Health

Are you feeling?
Belly Pain

Are you experiencing? 
Loss of Appetite
Mood Changes
Bad Breath
Food Intolerances

If so.....
You are NOT Alone!

​Want to fit

in your

skinny jeans? 

Did you know your Gut could be secretly making you fat?

What We Offer

Super Health Food

Functional Medicine

Cooking Class

Lifestyle Coaching

& Meal Plans

Healthy Woman

Gut Health Support

Women meditating



Running a Marathon

Health Goal Setting

Why Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a health care approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes and diseases. It offers a more personalized approach to healthcare. It goes beyond treating symptoms, aiming to uncover and address the root causes of illness. By considering the unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environmental factors of each individual, it provides tailored solutions that can lead to more effective and lasting health improvements. This approach empowers patients, giving them a deeper understanding of their health and promoting a more proactive, holistic way of living. In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short, Functional Medicine brings a much-needed, customized strategy to healthcare.

Meet Allie

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner &

Lifestyle and Health Consultant

At Get Functional, we believe in a whole-body approach to wellness. Our founder, Alessandra "Allie" Henderson NP, is a board-certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Lifestyle Consultant with years of experience in helping her clients achieve optimal health. We provide personalized nutrition plans, lifestyle coaching, and gut health support to help you Get Functional and feel your best.

Female Friends

Ready to Get Functional?

Book a consultation with

Allie Henderson NP 

today and begin your journey

towards optimal health.

“I've worked with Allie for months and my life has changed! I feel better than ever before and am so grateful for her guidance.”

- Jessica

“Alessandra is a life-saver! Her personalized nutrition plan helped me overcome my gut issues and I can't thank her enough.”

- Kai

“Allie is a knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner who truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her services.”

- Susan

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